Arouse envy even before a session …

Our engineering and design office prepares 3-D drawings for your future cinema based on your taste and the architecture of the room.

Materials, colors, atmosphere, lighting, seats, layout, stage, steps, floors, walls, ceiling, control room, you name it we plan it for and with you.

Even before actually screening the film, the feeling is there.

Layout and decoration create the atmosphere as soon as you open the door. Your own movie room has to meet your expectations …

Acoustics are one of the key elements for sound reproduction.
Based on your room, its location, dimensions, shape, and the number of seats, our engineering and design office determines the type of materials to use in order to optimize the listening area.

Insulation is not the same thing as acoustic treatment. The purpose of insulation is to keep the sound generated in the cinema room from being heard outside the room. Acoustic treatment or correction is there to perfect the sound.

There are many acoustic solutions available exist on the market.
Our team studies the best solution for you based on your needs. Certain acoustic elements can also play a decorative role.

Once layout, decoration and acoustics are settled, it’s time to select the right audio-visual equipment.
The crowning element for flawless use of a dedicated cinema room.

Our job is to select the right equipment for you from among the many choices offered on the market place. And we ensure that it works perfectly with your environment.
Image, connections between the projection screen and the video projector, sound, the relation between electronics and speakers – all that and more is our business. Our in-depth experience means we know several different types of systems; we counsel you.

We ensure calibration between the video projector and the audio system, allowing you to get the very most out of your installation.

To go even further, we equip some cinema rooms with the D-BOX system which adds to the sensations. Come and see D-BOX in our showroom.